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There were two Robert McClure's in the general Newberry.SC area.  The DAR Robert McClure is not our Quaker Robert McClure.  This regiment may have several men who had Quaker ancestry but chose to be Loylist.  Considering that Robert's second wife is the widow of Loyalist General Moses Buffington also supports this being our Robert McClure. 
Capt Robert English Regiment of Camden 1782
Edmund Falling
Benjamin, David, David, Jacob Johston
Robert McCluer
Robert McTeer
Benjamin and Jeremiah Moore
John Montgomery
Adam, Peter, Ralph Thompson
Thomas Wren
William Wright

McClure, Robert is thought to have been born in 1753 but I have not been able to find any verification or a migration              scenerio to Bush River for him. He was married to an unknown gal and had four Children.  Sarah born about 1775-1823 married Azariah Julian, Anna1776-1812 married  Abel Pearson, Samuel McClure 1777-1838 married Mary Stewart and William born 1779 of which little is known.  All of these children and spouses moved to Shelby and Miami County Ohio during the nothern migration period.     

He married as his second wife, Margery Pearson Buffington widow of General Moses Buffington.
Moses Buffington Col (Peter) was born 7 Jul 1751 in , Chester, PA. He
died 24 Aug 1782 in Charleston, , SC. Killed during Rev. War. He was
involved in the Siege of Savannah. Moses married Margery Pearson, daughter
of Benjamin Pearson and Agatha Brooks, about 1775 in , , SC. Margery was
born 19 Oct 1754 in , Chester Co., PA. She died 16 Oct 1840 in , Shelby Co., OH.
Date of birth from Jesse McClure Bible. The part of Chester Co. where
Margery and her siblings were born is now called Delaware Co., PA.
Moses Buffington's roots reside in the Quaker Church...see Buffington tab

  I have only found two of Margery by her first husband,  a son Benjamin married Mary Pearson settled in Butler Co and another son who lived in Shelby County, possibly Joseph and one or two daughters.  Esther Buffington who mar Joseph Evans and came to Miami County with a large family is thought to have been a sister of General Buffington.
Robert Mc Clure bought land in Miami County which he later sold and established his home in Shelby Co where he was a large land owner. Margery Pearson was the daughter of Benjamin Pearson and Agatha Brooks (there may be some difference of opinion about this Benjamin Pearson and I have not personally verified)

 Robert died on a trip to Wabash, Indiana to help his son Samuel become settled.
In1827 Samuel and wife Mary Stewart moved to Indiana, settling on the site where Wabash is now located.  In He built the first mill known on the Mississinewa River.  From the History of Wabash County Indiana:
" Two of the early indian traders of the Wabash Valley are still(1882) alive-- Mr. Samuel McClure, of Marion, and Hon. Daniel R Bearss, of Pern, both of whom became acquanted with the Indians before 1830, the former being present at the 'payment' at Wabash, in 1826, to the Miamis, by Gen. Tipton. Mr McClure has attended nearly every payment made since 1826, talks the Miami language fluently, and bears the Indian name "Che-com-yah" signifying "the twin"

Robert was buried in Indiana but I have no verified location.

 Robert's will on file in Shelby County names children as Ann Pearson and Sarah Julien, both deceased; sons William, Samuel, John and Robert Jr and daughters Margaret Speer, Mary Benbow, Margery Julien, and Rosanna Pearson.
18/3-1800 Robert McClure received onrequest.6/27-1801 Margery and children, John,Margaret, Mary, Margery, Robert andJacob received on request (Jacob notheretofore named as a child of this fam-ily. SMcC).7/26-1806 Robert and family grantedcertificate to Little Miami MonthlyMeeting, Ohio.1/8-1807, Little Miami Monthly Meet-ing records the family was received therethis date.9/9-1809, Little Miami Monthly Meet-ing records the family was received therethis date.9/9-1809, Little Miami Monthly Meet-ing disowned Mary for marrying out of unity

Margary lived to 1840 and is buried in the Wright Cemetary, in Shelby Co.

South Carolina Land Records
Date: 4/26/1775




A 592-595 Lease and release. August 29 and 30, 1788. John Wilkeson, Sr. of Newberry County, farmer, and Mary his wife, to David Pugh, taylor, of same, for £90 SC money, 200 acres to said John Wilkison, October 30, 1767 in Berkley County on Scotch Creek, a branch of Bush River. Adjacent: said David Pugh, James Dougherty. Signed, John Wilkerson, Sr. (seal); Mary Ann Mary Wilkeson (her mark and seal). Witness: Robert McClure, John Gottlob Meyer, Jacob Barrett. Proved September 1, 1788 in Newberry County by the oath of Robert McClure before George Ruff, J.P. Recorded February 7, 1789.
David Pugh son of Azariah Pugh/Hannah Beale married Rachel Wright daughter of William Wright/Leah Tansey

Margery Mc Clure and children John, Margaret, Mary, Margery, Robert, Rosanna were recq at Bush River
1807 1/08/1807 received Miami MM children John, Mary, Margery, Robert, Rosannah,

Religion: received by request into the membership of the Bush River MM, Newbury, SC, 8/30/1800.
Event: Moved 1806 Little Miami MM in Ohio - see Hinshaws' Encycloopedia of American Quakerism, v. 1, North Carolina, p. 1034  
 1807 1/08/1807 received Miami MM children John, Mary, Margery, Robert, Rosannah,

15 Nov 1817    United States of America  --> McClure, Robert           01 064    03 09 05     Shelby County 
died of cholera in Grant/Wabash Co., IN, helping son Sam

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