Abigail Moore Thomas lived quite close to Bush River MM.  Abigail's Moore family had been Quaker for several generations.  Her gr-grandfather had purchased land from William Penn or his land agent by 1684 in what is now the center of Philadelphia.  This was only two years after Philadelphia had been laid out.  Abigail married Nehemiah Thomas in Orange County, NC.  Records show that she was dis for mou:

In Vol I, Cane Creek MM North Carolina
1764, 8, 4.  Abigail (form Moor) dis mou.
1766, 8, 2.  Abigail (form Moore) dis mou.
1770,6,2 Abigail con her mou
1770, 7,7 Abigail gct Fredericksburg MM, SC
( I am guessing that the con her mou happened because she and Nehemiah were planning to move to Bush River)

Hinshaw says that no records of Fredericksburg MM are known to be in existence. Fredericksburg MM was established in 1755 or earlier.  Bush River MM was established in 1770.  Thus Fredericksburg MM may have been the MM that was known to Abigail and her friends at Cane Creek.

Abigail's husband, Nehemiah Thomas,  died while they lived in Newberry County.  Nehemiah Thomas is buried in the Bush River MM Cemetery.

Abigail moved to Warren County, Ohio with the McKinsey family with the mass exodus of the Quaker families out of the south and into the non-Quaker states of Ohio and Indiana.  In Ohio, Abigail was a member of the Miami MM.   

Abigail's father, Richard Moore and his wife, Sarah (if she was still living at the time of the move), moved from Orange County, NC to Wrightsboro, Ga before the Revolutionary War.  Richard Moore died in Wrightsboro, Ga.  

Abigail was a gutsy lady.  I like her a lot.  She was aunt to my Sarah McKinsey.  Abigail and Nehemiah never had any children of their own.  But she was like a grandmother to the children of George and Sarah McKinsey who are my ancestors.

Marsha Moses

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