George and Sarah Moore McKinsey lived close to the Bush River MM.  They were not members of the Quaker MM.  However, Sarah was from a Quaker family.  Several of the children married Quakers.  Sarah died probably in the first decade of the 1800s while living in Newberry County.  I believe that she is buried in the Bush River Cemetery.  But I have not been able to prove it.  

George and his family moved to Warren County, Ohio with the mass exodus of the Quaker families out of the south and into the non-slave states of Ohio and Indiana in the first decade of the 1800s.  Of Sarah and George's children the following married into the Quaker families:

Mordecai married Catherine Reagan (daughter of Reason and ?)
Abigail married Rhoden Ham  (I do not have a Quaker marriage for this couple.  Was Rhoden Ham a Quaker?)
Mary married Jacob Elmore
Samuel married Rebecca Spray (Rebecca was disowned by the Quaker church May 29, 1813 for marrying outside the church.) Rebecca Spray was the daughter of James and Naomi Hollinsworth Spray
Nehemiah married Catherine Elliott (from a Quaker family from NC)
Patrick married Elizabeth Bowman
Sarah married Bejamin Spray
George married Leah Weeks
Naomi married Mordecai Spray

Marsha Moses

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