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Joseph Stewart of Newberry.SC is still a little of a mystery.  I have not found any reference that would lead me to believe that he or his ancestors were Quakers but his history revolves closely around the Bush River Quaker families.  His birth date in unknown but is generally thought to be about 1740-1745.  The location of his birth is still unresolved and active Atdna and Ydna research is ongoing.  His will is the best evidence that we have for his family.

Joseph Stewart Sr., Estate Box 18, File 12.  7 Mar 1808, John Stewart (son), Admin.  Paid Robert Boyd (husband of Rosannah Stewart), David Peterson (no record of relationship).  Later payment:  Samuel Stewart (son); Esther Stewart (unmarried daughter); Mary Stewart, widow; Samuel McClure (husband of Mary Stewart); Robert Boyd (husband of Rosannah Stewart); George McDonald (husband of Sarah Stewart).  Extant probate records do not show payment to Joseph Stewart Jr., but he is identified as son by property transactions.

Son Joseph Stewart first lived in Miami Co.,  Ohio after migrating with the mass exodus.  He lived among the Evans and Jenkins families before moving to Shelby Co in his later years.  In his Newberry, SC years his land records contain various Quakers who also migrated to Miami Co, Ohio.

Newberry Co SC Deed Book D, 478-482:  Lease and release.  20[29?] & 30 Dec 1793, Isaac Davinport to Joseph Stuart, both of Newberry County, for £50 sterling, 50 acres, part of 300 acres granted to said Isaac Davinport 5 May 1773 in Berkley County, now Newberry County, on waters of Little River.  Isaac Davinport (Seal), Wit: Thomas Peterson, John Stuart, Joseph Stuart.  Proved by the oath of John Stuart 20 March 1794 before Mercer Babb, J.P.  Recorded 22 Feb 1800.  [The witnesses John and Joseph Stuart should be sons of Joseph Stuart Sr.]
            Newberry Co SC Deed Book D, 482-486:  Lease and release.  26 Jan 1786, John Wright of Newberry County, planter, to Joseph Stuart of same, for £50, 150 acres in Berkley County on waters of Little River adj. Saml Nelson, granted to said John Wright 23 Dec 1771.  John Wright (Seal), Jemima Wright (Seal), Wit: John Maxwell Ma't, John Douglass, William Plunket.  Proved in Newberry District by the oath of William Plunket 28 Jan 1800 before Fred Nance, J.P.  Recorded 22 Feb 1800.
            Newberry Co SC Deed Book D, 486-488:  7 Dec 1792, Thomas Brooks to Joseph Stuart, both of Newberry County, for £10 sterling, 50 acres, part of tract formerly granted to Samuel Nelson 2 June 1769 and is the NE side of said tract and conveyed to Thomas Brooks 31 Aug 1777.  Thomas Brooks (Seal), Susanna Brooks (Seal), Wit: Rhoda Babb, Catharine Euts, Jude Stiddon (Stidman).  Proved 27 Feb 1792 by the oath of Catharine Eutes before Mercer Babb, J.P.  Recorded 22 Feb 1800.
His known children are moses buried in Wright Cemetery with the McClures.. and Elijah married Mary Ann Julian daughter of Azariah Julian and Sarah McClure.  Guardianship papers support this family unit.

Joseph's son Samuel settled in Shelby Co, Ohio; married Sarah Buffington, daughter of Peter Buffington and Sarah Mooney daughter of Joseph Mooney/Mary Moore.   His children Joseph/Ann Hiatt (daughterHyatt)  and Mary Coe...Hannah/John Moore...John/Catherine Boyd...Richard/Arlinda McCabe...Daniel/Catherine Savage...William/Elizabeth ….Myhew....Levi/Mary Orley...Allen...Fielding/Elizabeth Osborne

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Does anyone know who Joseph Stewart, married to Marey Tucker, parents were? His birth was around 17747 and died 1808.