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My first thoughts on Azariah Pugh is that it is so nice not to have to deal with the James etc. This is a good given name.  Born 27 Oct 1721 in Frederick Co., Va, he can be found in Hopewell MM records.  A large majority of their records were destroyed so they are far from complete.  He married Hannah Beal and her transfer to Bush River MM is recorded in the records. There was only one family of Beal/Beals at Hopewell and that is John Beal and Sarah Bowater.  Atdna does confirm that Azariah Pugh's descetndents do descend from the Bowater family.

His father was Thomas Evan Pugh 1685 Wales who came to America with the Pa Quaker migration and settled in Philadelphia Co., Pa where he died in 1723.  The next generation was Ellis Pugh 1656 Wales died 1718 married Sinah Evans.

His will is dated 9 April 1793 and probated 20 Oct 1794 in Newberry Co, 96th SC. He bequeathed his plantation of 143 acres to son Thomas Pugh; 143 acres of land to son Azariah Pugh where he lived; with the rest of the estate divided equally among his other children. Peter Julian's children divided one
share between them. Sons Ellis Pugh and Jesse Pugh were appointed executors.
Will of Azariah Pugh: "I, Azariah Pugh of Newbery County Ninety Six District & State of South Carolina being in health of body and of Perfect Mind and Memory And sound Reason have thought fit to Make and Ordain and Constitute this my Last Will & Testement in Manner and form following that is to say, Item. First of all it is My Will and I do hereby Order that my funeral Expence and all my Just Debts be timely and Punctually paid out of my Personal Estate before my division of other Distribution be made thereof; Secondly I Give and bequeath to my beloved son Thomas Pugh the Plantation that I now live on Containing One Hundred and forty three Acres; Thirdly I give and bequeath to beloved son Azariah Pugh a Tract of Land Containing one Hundred and forty Three Acres a part of the Old Tract and part of the Tract that he Now Lives on; Fourthly I give And bequeath to my beloved son William Pugh a Tract of Land Containing One Hundred and forty three Acres part of that Tract that Azariah now Lives on Joining of William Aspands Land; Fifthly it is my Will and desire that all my Mooveable estate be Eaqually divided between My other Children and that Peter Julin's Children to have one Childs Share divided Between them, and lastly, I do Constitute & appoint my beloved sons Ellis Pugh And Jesse Pugh to be My Executors of this Last Will and Testament In Winess whereof I have hereto set my hand and Seal this Ninth day of the fouth Month One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Three, Signed Sealed and Pronounced to be my Last will and Testament in the Presence of--------
Isaac Jenkins ---------
Jesse Jenkins Azariah Pugh--seal--
David Jenkins ---------- "
Recorded in will Book "A" Page 240
Proved October 20, 1794
Test Fed Nance

His children Ruth 1746 married Peter Julian Jr (Peter Julian/Mary Beal, this is William Beal and Rebecca Chambers and I have found no direct link ...more on the Beal tab)....Hannah 1748/Joseph Coppock (James Coppock/Martha Lester)...Ellis 1748 married Phoebe Coppock (James Coppock/Martha Lester) and Sarah Mills...Jesse 1751 Pugh 1759/Elizabeth Gray...Mary1754/Alexander Tansey/Tanzy...David 1758/Rachel Wright (William Wright/Leah Tansey)...William
 married Joanna Pearson (Enoch and Phoebe Demans) and Sarah Thomas ... Thomas Pugh 1762 /Sarah Minton,..Azariah 1763/Sophia Wright

The Jesse Pugh here is not the Alabama Jesse Pugh/Ruth Julian but this Jesse Pugh died in 1811 in Warren Co., Ohio.  The Alabama Jesse Pugh  1732 married Elizabeth Stewart and is the son of  Thomas Pugh1703/Elizabeth Robinson of Guilford MM, then James Pugh1665 died 1724 Uwchlan, Pa and Joan Price.  It is thought that these are two different linages.

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Joy King said...

If this is the Sarah b.1762 and the daughter of Thomas Minton, please tell me what records show she md. Thomas Pugh. The records I have indicate she md. Nathan Cooper.

Joy King