Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to our Bush River Quakers blog

I hope that having a blog will prove to be useful for our Bush River Quakers group.


hokiejane said...

Hi Judy,

Nice idea!


judyr/jruss95 said...

Because we didn't have enough positive Reponses to justify
the time and resources needed for a full fledged Homecoming, we've scaled
down our activities a bit, but the Homecoming Committee members and the
Cemetery Maintenance Committee will be in Newberry at that time and, we
hope, lots of others from town and from other places will be there to join
us. Here is an outline of what our plans look like as of right now:

Friday: Our Bush River Homecoming and Bush River Cemetery committees will
meet during the day at the DeWalt house for a review of ideas, plans, and
brainstorming. Plans for a future Homecoming, headed up by Barnett Warren
will be discussed. Those who are interested in getting involved in future
plans and helping with committe work are urgently needed and are encouraged
to join us during the day as you can. We will also have a SELF SERVICE
SIGN UP SHEET on the porch at DeWalt House. Everyone can come by,
"register", and provide their contact info, cell phone, research interests,
where staying etc.

Friday: 5:30 -7 pm Judy and Ann do "Ask Granny"© demo for Newberry Gen
Society...AND anyone else interested (see for details).
"Ask Granny" is a set of materials given free to individuals or groups who
are interested in working with Senior Citizens or Reunion groups as they
capture family memories of names, dates, and places.

Friday Evening 7:30: informal group[s] dining. We hope that everyone will
have signed in and checked out our various plans for dining...possibly just
pizza and sandwiches at DeWalt.

Saturday morning: EVERYONE (townies and all who are in town for the
weekend) invited to continental breakfast and brainstorming session at
DeWalt, courtesy of the Homecoming Committee. . We hope to have
representatives of the Newberry Genealogical Society, the Newberry
Historic/Museum House Society and, possibly other local groups in attendance
so that we can see if there is a possibility of a joint meeting in the
future. Bring your thoughts and your calendars.

Reunion Planning Booklets provided by "Reunions Magazine."

Sam Ziady, Director of the Newberry Library will tell us about the new

Saturday afternoon:

1. Cemetery recon and assessment with planning for future [either there or
back in town]
2. Guided tour to be announced
3. Library open until 4

Saturday evening: free

Sunday morning: if we can determine who will still be able to come, the
Palmetto Quakers have offered to lead a Sunday Meeting as they did last time
and to sponsor a brunch. We will have a simple brunch even if we can't get a
group together for a Meeting. Departure at noon.